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Mass Spectrometry- Gas Chromatography Bench


- 316 stainless steel, TIG welded, hand polished frame  

- 100mm swivel, zinc, double ball bearing,  locking castors

- elastic solid rubber non marking tyres

- 16mm MRMDF resistant panels 

- 32mm laminate resistant top, 10:10 radius f/r edge

- square side edges to allow joining of other Lab Benches

- bench top centered  (to join Diligent)

-  integrated acoustic enclosure

- internal 8 way HPM 10Amp power board

- contemporary monitor mount, post and arm

- open front under cabinet divided to rear

Height total - 827mm

Width bench top - 1450mm

Depth bench top - 850mm


- contemporary monitor arm and mount

- PC tower hanger

- additional contemporary monitor arm

- dynamic monitor mount and arm

- integrated or clamp  keyboard tray

- stainless steel slide trays

iBench add on options

waste tray.jpeg
service tray.jpeg
vacuum pump slide tray2.jpeg

Waste Slide Tray

Service Tray

Pump Slide Tray

clipon keyboard.jpeg
power distribution2.jpeg

Clamp on keyboard Tray

10Amp power board

PC Sundries

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