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Discover the Superior Features of a LAB BENCH Instrument Bench

Updated: Jan 23, 2023


Welcome to the first video in our series on Lab Benches! In this clip, we'll be taking a quick tour of some of the standard features that you can expect to find on a Lab Bench.

For those who may not be familiar, Lab Benches are typically used in laboratories for liquid, gas, and mass spectrometry, but they have a variety of other uses as well. One of the key features of a Lab Bench is its mobility, which is provided by a braked locking swivel castor with anti-vibration poly rubber.

In terms of storage, Lab Benches offer a range of options, including cupboards, shelves, and drawers. All cabinet hardware is easy to use, adjust, and maintain. Additionally, the panels on the end and rear of the bench have ports for tubing and cable access, and these ports are also available internally.

There are also options for internal and external PC tower storage, as well as multiple dynamic monitor mount models. For those who are concerned about noise reduction, there are sections available to house vacuum pumps.

The structure of a Lab Bench is designed for maximum strength and stability, with a hand-made, stainless steel, TIG welded frame that provides great strength, versatility, and a sleek appearance. The bench top can be made from a variety of materials including resistant 25mm square edge and 32mm radius edge, 25mm chemical resistant and high pressure laminate, and brand products such as Trespa.

Lab Benches are proudly made in Australia, with many parts fabricated in-house, and others sourced from countries like Germany, Austria, and the USA. Each bench is given a serial number and a historical file with detailed photographic records to ensure easy recognition for upgrades, modifications, or services down the line. When a Lab Bench is delivered, it is sanitized and comes with a warranty and instructions.

In recent years, Lab Bench has developed a range of set models to suit specific industry instruments. You can check out these models here. If you require customization or have specific needs, Lab Bench is happy to design and build a bench that meets your requirements.

We hope that one day we will have the opportunity to supply your laboratory with a Lab Bench that is perfectly suited to your needs.



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