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5 Tips for Organising Your Laboratory Using a LAB BENCH Instrument Bench

As a research industry professional, you know that having a well-organized laboratory workspace is essential for conducting efficient and effective research. A cluttered workspace can lead to mistakes, wastage or downtime and can be unsafe. That's why a LAB BENCH mobile laboratory bench is such a valuable tool – it allows you to move and organise your workspace, providing for safe and efficient working.

Here are five tips for organising your mobile LAB BENCH:

1. Designate Areas for your Laboratory Equipment and Instruments

A LAB BENCH creates separate areas within your bench for different equipment and materials, such as the instrument itself, the computer and keyboard, solvent storage and some additional space for peripherals and maybe parts. This puts all the required components for your research in one well-organised laboratory workspace.. Consider labelling storage areas with a name or code to make it easier in the beginning and for others to see where everything belongs.

2. Organisers, Containers and Cables

Organisers and containers are essential tools for keeping your bench organised. Use them to store small items in the LAB BENCH drawers and cupboards. Look for organisers specifically designed for laboratory use, as they can withstand the demands of a laboratory environment.

A LAB BENCH has ports for power cables to run from instrumentation and computers into the power distribution section, eliminating the external power lead mess and dangerous piggy back power boards so often found in unorganised laboratories.

3. Quality Laboratory Grade Benchtops

A sturdy and durable benchtop is essential for any laboratory. It should be able to withstand spills and stains and be easy to clean and disinfect. A curved front edge is a good idea. LAB BENCH standard benchtops are extremely resistant with a curved front edge. LAB BENCH provides options of further chemical resistance and reputable epoxy and HD laminate brands.

4. Cleanliness

A clean and uncluttered bench is essential for maintaining a safe and efficient laboratory. Regularly clean and disinfect your benchtop and equipment, and dispose of any waste materials properly. Keep an eye through a LAB BENCH illuminated window into the solvent storage to know your levels. Again storage with closing doors and drawers make it easier to keep clean and safe. Consider using a cleaning schedule to ensure that your workspace stays clean and organized.

5. Experience Mobility.

A mobile LAB BENCH allows you to move and rearrange your workspace to suit your needs easily. Use this feature to your advantage – for example, you can move your bench away from the power outlet for servicing and tagging or move the bench to access the rear of the instrument for service and cleaning. Maybe it will allow you to duct the vacuum pump air to an external area. A LAB BENCH helps with safe and efficient working.

By following these tips, you can create a well-organized and efficient workspace that will help you conduct your area of research more effectively. A LAB BENCH mobile laboratory bench is a valuable tool that allows you to move and rearrange your workspace to suit your needs easily. A LAB BENCH provides for ergonomics and safety in the laboratory.

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Want to learn more about LAB BENCHES mobile instrument benches and how they can work for your situation? Contact the team at LAB BENCH today to discuss your specifications. We’re sure to have a solution to your needs!

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